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Writer- Samiksha Shewale

The ganga action plan 2 has merged with NRCP. The extended NRCP covers 163 towns located along 27 interstate rivers in 16 states.

This is a river conservation program which is approved by PM Narendra Modi on June 2014.

The program is implemented by National Mission of clean Ganga which is an agency which comes under Ministry of Jal Shakti.

Ganga passes through Uttarakhand , UP ,Bihar ,Jharkhand ,West Bengal which is home foe more than 50 crore people and in order that these people should get proper usable water government of India has borrowed $400 million loan from world bank.

Its main objective is to –

       Reduce pollution

       Conservation and Rejuvention of Ganga

Main Pillars of this program are- 

1)Sewage Treatment and Infrastructure-

Creating sewage treatment plants near river and it exists in all  states   

2)River water development– 

Creation of Ghats to ensure that environment is not polluted on banks of river .

3)Bio diversity conservation –

Fish and Fishery conservation and Ganga river Dolphin conservation education program are initiated

4)River surface cleaning-

Collection of all kind of waste floating on river surface by using modern technology.

5) Afforestation- 

More and more trees to be planted as it reduces erosion and provides habitat to aquatic animals.

6)Public awareness 

 Ganga theme song is released currently , mass media is used through this people are aware to keep river clean .

7)Industrial effluent monitoring-

3rd party technical agencies are present who will guide industries and if any industry through its effluents in river strict action is taken under Section 5 under environmental protection act 1986


1) It will provide employment opportunities due to STP

2) This project will be helpful for the local population and tourist who waits in Varanasi for the spiritual and cultural importance , it will help to improve asthetic of area .

3)The biogas and methane from STP will generate electricity .This will be non converted energy source while providing the benefits in terms of reducing green house gas emission .

Steps to clean Ganga-

1)The existing and planned STP’s to be verified on efficiency, reliability and technology and parameters by independent agencies. This will allow assessing if technology provides value for money and is sustainable.

2)Develop and restore ponds , lakes after certain km as permanent solution to both floods and droughts 

3)Natural Drains that empty into river , have been converted to sewage carrying drains by muncipalties and planning bodies . They should be brought back into glory by transforming and rejuvenating them into healthy water bodies 

4)Restore base flows through groundwater recharge . There is a need to have robust planning and regulation of withdrawal and recharge of groundwater across all other of the river streams to make river perennial.

Infrastructure development and destruction of river ecosystem through measures such as riverfront development in name of area and township development must be stopped to protect and conserve surface water sources.

The plan is very good and even its implementation is proper only awareness must be spread to keep river clean .