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Voice of Global South: Deciphering Initiative



The Voice of Global South Summit which took place on January 12, 2023 which talks about the Global North and South Divide. India launched and hosted the new initiative i.e; Voice of Global South, while also assumed G20 presidency this year. Goal of this initiative is to launch a brand new and enthusiastic approach to real politic, while also providing coordinated strategy for emerging economies. Several countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and so on participated in the summit. The theme of the summit is ‘Unity of voice, Unity of purpose.’ Eight Ministerial sessions are planned under eight ministries- Finance, Environment, foreign, energy, health, education, commerce and trade Ministers session.

The Summit had 5 features-

  1. Uniting Global South-
  2. It has set a stage for developing countries, many of which are united by history of colonization.
  3. India gave new agenda to world- ‘Respond, Recognize, Respect, Reform.’
  • Voice of global South in ongoing crisis-
  • According to PM, World is facing a lasting crisis and there is no clarity about how long this state of instability will last.
  • Most of the global challenges are not created by global south but affects more on global south itself. Eg- Covid , Ukraine war
  • India’s Goal-
  • Is to represent global south
  • As India is hosting G20 Presidency we can say to amplify the voice of global south
  • South- South Cooperation-
  • Broad framework of collaboration among countries of south in political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and technical dorrains
  • Developing countries share knowledge, skills, expertise, and resources to meet their developmental goals.  Eg. India offers LOCs to poor African nations
  • Why now?
  • Economic emergence of South countries – India, China
  • World is multipolar and not unipolar
  • Progress by many Asian countries’ challenging ideas that North is ideal

Now there is difference between NAM and Global South Summit both do not have any same point-

NAM formed during the era of cold war and at that time 2 blocs were present but it stood alone taking side of noneGlobal South is representing the southern Countries.
Objectives of NAM were 1.To advocate sovereign equality of all states. 2.To encourage friendly relations among countries. 3.To advocate peaceful settlement of international disputes.  4.To oppose the use of force and the use of nuclear weapons.Objectives of Global South are to launch a brand new and enthusiastic approach to real politic, while also providing coordinated strategy for the emerging economies.
To promote international cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to facilitate access to nuclear technology, equipment and material for peaceful purposes required by developing countries. p. To promote concrete initiatives of South-South cooperation and strengthen the role of NAMGlobal South “emerged in part to aid countries in the southern hemisphere to work in collaboration on political, economic, social, environmental, cultural, and technical issues.”
Eg-Between 1945 and 1960, three dozen new states in Asia and Africa achieved autonomy or outright independence from their European colonial rulers.Eg- India offers LOCs to poor African Nations

Now India is becoming the voice of developing economies this is because among the southern countries India is one of the developed economies and also India uses its soft power diplomacy. During G20 India can represent Global South. NAM is having achieved its objective like decolonization, apartheid which continue its relevance through South-South Cooperation. India to become the permanent member of UNSC because if India is hosting and taking a step towards all the initiatives then of course other countries will support for permanent membership of UNSC. MDGs, now SDGs whose aim was to diminish the divide between north and south in order to achieve global development and poverty alleviation. India really stands what PM said in opening remarks at the concluding leaders session-

संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानताम्

Prayer from Rigveda- Let’s us come together, speak together, and may our minds be in harmony.